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Amsterdam. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

Amsterdam. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

03 August 2023

A score, many signs among the lines. But in which direction?
I look for it every time I pick up my violin and place the score on the lectern.
And I know that afterwards I will decide there is never only one direction. 


And this awareness does not just apply to my ancient violin.
I am thinking of the melody of the Piano Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra composed by Rachmaninoff (the so-called Rach 2).
No wonder it slipped into the melancholic sweetness of the ballad All By Myself by Eric Carmen.

I’m happy my audience knows that my violin can span from the Violin Concerto in D Minor by Sibelius to Cold Play’s Viva la Vida.

Crossing over all genres, my band plays rock and the orchestra reaches Tchaikovsky’s empyrean.
The space changes and the atmosphere changes.
The scent of pine trees invades the steps of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome while the concert spreads between classical and pop music.
The powdery fragrance of the velvets greets me as I go through the stalls of the Teatro La Scala in Milan.

Everywhere my notes gather in the universe, and get lost in the scented wood of the thought of who wrote, who composed and who revolutionized music.   few steps and he is in front of the sliding doors at the entrance hall.
The cleaning staff has recently passed and the floor is freshly washed, even shinier due to the reassuring lighting that reflects from the ceiling.


Olfactory suggestions by Mariaceleste Lombardo, perfumer


The rustle of the curtain opening is a powdery scent that anticipates the expected arrival of light and music by a few moments.
It is a very powdery perfume: iris, dusty notes, like the velvet of the red curtains of a muffled environment, created to gather and enhance every gift given by the senses.
An enveloping and elegant fragrance like a song that touches our deepest strings. A fragrance capable of conveying freedom, strong and overwhelming emotions.
The total work of art demands a perfume to measure up. Able to accompany us with decisive discretion in a world where the experience will be transfiguring.
A mix of fruity and citrus notes with a dusty heart composed of iris, vanilla and rose, capable of building up a powdery note, and a base of fresh vetiver transmitting a sense of newfound freedom. That total freedom which can be savored only after having dissolved all tensions.
A fragrance to tell the power of music, and capture in memory the enchantment of an emotion that cannot be described with words.







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