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Dakkar. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

Dakkar. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

08 August 2023

It happens every time I pack my suitcase.

I don’t know exactly what to take along because deep down I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Of course, I have a more or less clear idea of ​​the destination, the latitude, the season.

But it’s not enough.

I don’t know what effect the sound of people’s voices will have on me, I don’t know what the air I will breathe will smell like, the taste of their food.

Actually, I don’t know because I don’t want to know.

I have my own idea of the journey.

I want to get lost and I want to find myself, new and different, in those places.

I would like to say yes, to be open to every new experience I will come across on the next trip and the ones that will follow.
But if I have to be completely honest, that’s not all of it.

My suitcase always has a place for something that speaks of me.

A dried lemon bristling with cloves.

The memory of my closet at my childhood home, the recommendation of a loved one to prevent moths from eating up my favorite sweaters. The memory of an exercise to be repeated at every seasonal change: lemons, cloves. The scent of something that is long-lasting.


Maybe I’m looking for it in the new gazes, in the lands not yet traveled.

Like Proust and his madeleine, I’m looking for the sign of something that doesn’t end.

That returns from the journey.



Olfactory suggestions by Mariaceleste Lombardo, perfumer


To depart, to travel, is indeed to discover, but it is also to leave behind.
Nostalgia goes along with my curiosity. That’s why I thought of a raw material capable of keeping me company.
And I feel the call of the tuberose: rich, present, enveloping. My companion on this adventure, a tuberose in the bud, rather ripe, dark, decisive and present, able to reassure me on my path. But not only.
I think of a tuberose with shades of violets, the violet that represents the flower of awakening, which gently leads us to start over. It is the flower of auspiciousness, of luck. Source of inspiration for many artists ‒ as it was for Édouard Manet, whom I see while I evoke this flower ‒ in the infinite journey of creativity.
Persistent tuberose, almost in a monofloral scent, violet delicately near as a wish for a happy departure, on an infinite voyage.




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