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Guaiac Wood, aka Palo Santo

Guaiac Wood, aka Palo Santo

A ‘good vibes only’ note to reconnect with Nature and our inner self.

The first thing you need to know about Guaiac Wood is that it’s a kind of magic. This is the reason why it’s called ‘palo santo’ – which means ‘holy wood’ (with one L only, yes) in Spanish.
Palo Santo (Bulnesia Sarmienti or Guaiacum Officinalis) is a wild tropical tree that grows spontaneously in the South-American jungle and in the Amazon forest; it can be recognized by its small, green leaves with a very elongated shape. In summer, beautiful blue flowers bloom and turn white after a few weeks. Finally, they transform into yellow colored fruits. The wood is also very particular because it is one of the heaviest and most resistant in the world, and it is also beautiful to look at thanks to the intertwined grain. No wonder it’s used to make jewels and ornaments.
If you touch it, it almost feels oily.
What happens when you smell it?
Right, we are talking about Guaiac Wood above all for its perfume, aren’t we?
Well, it is one of the most inspiring, with almost infinite facets. It gives off a complex, warm, refined aroma. Sometimes it’s almost minty, and sometimes smoky. Within the olfactory compositions, it plays an irreplaceable role thanks to the intense and exotic accent that gives a creamy depth and an intriguing base to every fragrance, especially when blended with sandalwood and patchouli.
But why is it also called Palo Santo?
Actually, it has been known for hundreds of years and always been considered a remedy for many diseases. Especially its resin is used as a ‘youth elixir’, a sort of multitasking panacea. In fact, the Inca shamans even used it as part of their religious rituals, instead of incense, burning some pieces to purify air dispelling negative energy and favoring good luck. All you can perceive is a bright and mysterious, uplifting and relaxing aroma. When you happen to smell it, you will understand that these contrasts are only apparent. If you already have, you will relate easily, no matter if you’re a man or a woman: to someone it will remind of toffee sweets, to others a lit fireplace, or even hay. Either way, it will bring back memories and good times back in childhood, and create a special, cozy atmosphere.


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