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La Prima della Scala, sumptuous symphonies and fragrant compositions

La Prima della Scala, sumptuous symphonies and fragrant compositions

A unique event ‘smelled’ from a different perspective


The Opening Night at the famous Theatre Alla Scala in Milano, the highly expected “La prima della Scala”, is an event that transcends the boundaries of mere performance. It is a celebration of art, culture, high society and, perhaps most intriguingly for us, an olfactory experience. 
As the anticipation builds for this prestigious event, the air is filled not only with the harmonious notes of the opera, but also with the alluring fragrances that adorn the attendees, especially the ladies who spare no effort to be noticed and, most of all, photographed.
Days of preparation go into selecting the perfect ensemble, and the choice of the right perfume is the crowning touch. The ladies spare no expense in acquiring rare and exquisite fragrances, often choosing scents that are custom-made or limited editions, to ensure their olfactory signature stands out in the crowd.


In the hallowed halls of La Scala, the scent of anticipation mingles with the luxurious perfumes adorning the ladies in their elegant gowns and meticulously styled hair. The atmosphere becomes an aromatic symphony, a prelude to the grand spectacle about to unfold on stage. As the ladies make their entrances, each step is accompanied by a trail of fragrant compositions, and each perfume is a chapter in the olfactory narrative of the night. 
Opulent furs, exhumed for the occasion just a few hours before, exhale an unmistakable accord of wood, antique, lavenderish.
The delicate whispers (or the bold, loud voices) of floral, powdery bouquets dance with the warmth of vanilla; hints of rose and tuberose intertwine with amber, osmanthus and patchouli. 
The allure of these majestic perfumes extends beyond the confines of the opera house itself. The morning after La Prima, the streets of Milan carry the lingering echoes of the previous night's sensory celebration. The perfumed notes, now softened by the city's breath, create a lingering aura of elegance and refinement. It's as if the fragrances have left an indelible mark on the urban landscape.


La Prima della Scala is not only a spectacle for the eyes and ears; it is an immersive sensory experience that extends to the realm of fragrance. Beyond the grandeur of the opera house, the perfumed notes linger in the air, weaving themselves into the very essence of Milan, ensuring that the magic of La Prima lives long after the final curtain has fallen.


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