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London. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

London. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

28 July 2023

Every morning, very early, maybe the sun hasn’t risen yet.
Vittorio leaves the car at the hospital parking lot and crosses those few meters of lawn.
Wet with grass, scenting of earth, in the silence of dawn.


A few steps and he is in front of the sliding doors at the entrance hall.
The cleaning staff has recently passed and the floor is freshly washed, even shinier due to the reassuring lighting that reflects from the ceiling.

“Good morning, doctor!” The first human voice, that of the nurse who precedes him towards the coffee machines’ room.
A voice muffled by the mask and, all in all, even the familiar aroma of coffee, forever awaited at 6 o’clock in the morning, is muffled by the medical device.

“Everything in the hospital is a medical device,” Vittorio thinks. “Not necessarily disinfectants have an unpleasant smell. Indeed, the one of the waiting room has even become pleasant lately.
The fact is that every smell in the hospital is functional: functional to an activity, a use, whether it is for sanitizing, disinfecting or cooking. Also the smell of the canteen is encoded: around 11.30 a.m., you expect to perceive such a smell in the corridors, more or less the same one in all the hospitals I’ve worked at.”

“No surprise.”
That’s what Vittorio feels while wearing the clean white coat, just picked up from the laundry.
And he sees the hospital lawn from the window when opening it; scent of grass.
Already different from the one of a few days ago.

“Like the meadow behind the house on the hill, near the wood, too green with trees to be able to hide what is happening inside it. Spring is coming.
Every morning a different life, a new color, a new scent.
The surprise of an invincible and unstoppable vitality. Which seems to change on you as soon as it touches your skin.”

His steps lead him through the long day in the science of healing; not much space to reflect about the light changing the shadows on the outside, not much time to devote to the perfume of a colleague who passes by and raises her collar. A fragrance spreading from the luminescence of her white coat.
The sliding doors open again and it is dark out.
Cold, humid air. Still that scent of weed.
What a surprise.



Olfactory suggestions by Patrizia Cezza, perfumer

Every place he passes through has a specific smell. From the pleasant one of his home that he has just left, to the one of the first light of the fresh morning that has just begun.
Smells connote sensations. They delimit inner spaces in which we enter to stay.
The doctor who gets into the hospital wears a reassuring, woody, soft and musky fragrance. But there is also the note of a serene and soothing flower as, for example, the magnolia having no pretensions to be at the fragrance center. Sweet notes complete it, such as those of the taste of a sugared almond you put in your mouth, combined with the ones of amber and strong wood. Like those of a place where people get serious. A place where to take care of whom you encounter.






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