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Madrid. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

Madrid. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

23 August 2023

Completeness: finding all of herself



Finally here we are.
“My dear colleagues, ladies and gentleman, I am very glad we reached an agreement on the project. We’ll see each other again at the next meeting, then. All the best to everyone. Take care!”
I always ask myself: is this really a salutation? A greeting?
Taking care of yourself to give your best: I strongly believe in it. Every person should be put in the conditions of expressing their talent. With joy.
What is certain is that now is time to take care of something else as well.
Something which goes beyond the happy work team I coordinate, and that is the source of so much creativity. And of success as well.
I treasure their smiles in my mind as I walk out into the street. And I see the smiles at the party that will take place tomorrow, by the sea. Now it’s my turn.
“Just a party with friends,” we always say to each other, even if we know it’s not really so. Not only so, at least.
There will be someone important, someone to pay particular attention to, with whom to find the right moment to mention a special project.
The gown is already there, an outfit that resembles me. A light dress with the colors of water changing as the current changes. Heeled sandals that make the dress swinging. Waves.
A breath of wind ruffles my hair, a bit of sunshine warms my skin…
The sea, the sun, the fragrant air, and the skin changing color and scent. A reminder of summer.
I’m just now realizing that I’m missing something.
Something about me that used to make those days and myself complete.
A perfume, a fragrance of youth and freedom, of strength that I seek in every action I take today, and that was so natural yesterday.
Something is missing from my look for tomorrow’s party. That fragrance is missing.



Olfactory suggestions by Anna Chiara Di Trolio, perfumer


Just as music springs from silence, the fragrance fills an absence and restores meaning to a place, a person, a specific memory.
The secret of happiness rests in the completeness and harmony of the parts. For this reason, being successful at work and enjoying moments of serene lightheartedness together with others is not a contradiction, but the sign of an attained maturity.
The sea, the summer, the party and the people around us are a source of sensations, and memories that cannot fail to turn into fragrances. Perfumes as intense as the colors of a dress that I translate into flowers, like ylang ylang, a yellow narcotic flower that has the appearance of sun cream, a medicine that, together with coconut, connects me to the sea and the suntan lotions.
In the yellow color I find lemon, a joyful fruit, synonymous with happiness, with a moment of celebration. A sunset party where we leave behind the yellow to embrace softer colors in which the sound of the sea’s undertow and the scent of salt emerge. Everything subsides, everything returns to silence. And the memory of a summer party by the sea has nothing to do with a social role, with a task to perform. What remains is the simplicity of a fragrance composed of delicate notes with a lemon on the top note, flowers and coconut.







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