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Oslo. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

Oslo. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

31 August 2023

You can tell it by the color of her clothes.



No strong shades, but always delicate, on a rough untreated cotton fabric or a light purple wool.
The core of her life is in flowers, in constant love for the infinite magic of colors and fragrances whose inspiration has no boundaries.
Loving a plant requires constant care, and to her the seasons are never just passages of time. But new, always new forms of life.
Living with respect for nature is an imperative: certainly today always difficult to follow, despite the constant, alarmed call of the media, discussions, FridaysForFuture.
In this contrast between the instinctive drive towards what is healthy and natural and the world we live in, lies the sense of choice. Of products, of food, of lifestyle.
She has chosen.
She likes and reassures her to surround herself with objects that speak of wood, of earth, that smell of flowers, of herbs.
The earth ‒ in its broadest sense ‒ is the cure. The earth is the patient.
And in the earth, for the earth, she finds the answer to her life.
If an herbal tea can be useful for treating a cold, a natural soap is enough to wash the face, and bunches of lavender to scent a space.
In this self-care lies the care for the world outside of herself. In the name of nature.
In the next flower lies the sign of a new era.





Olfactory suggestions by Rita Brena, Perfumer


Trying to imagine what the immense nature might smell like makes you shiver.
For a moment, I have to abandon the associations arising inside me spontaneously. Because it is exactly so ‒ by disorienting us with infinite sensations ‒ that nature defends its secrets.
I open the doors of my heart and with a smile I observe a white flower, a fresh flower. That’s the focus of my research, because a flower is always there, even without planting it.
From the particular to the universal: this is the path to follow, and this is what I do.
The flowers, the grass, the soil, the wood… the water. Everything envelops me in nature.
The aromatic lavender and the delicate violet are the flowers of dreams. The pungent scent of vetiver and the slight thrill of cedar. The warmth of wood knowing how to be masculine and feminine at the same time. The water hiding in the light scent of a white flower.
Thus, I create the delicate microcosm in the harmony of a nature that is mine. But envelops everyone.









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