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Personas: “Olfactory Pictures” to guide us into a world of unique fragrances

Personas: “Olfactory Pictures” to guide us into a world of unique fragrances

28 July 2023

Getting to know the people around us and trace out conceptual sketches that help us remember the peculiarities, needs, demeanors, interests and aspirations distinguishing them, are not just exercises to assist our memory.



In marketing, defining personas ‒ the semi-real representations of the ideal customer based on concrete data and hypotheses of demographic characteristics, behaviors, motivations and objectives ‒ ensures clients a series of made-to-measure/customized products and services, hence making their customer journey positive and memorable.
Through an approach that is not limited to cold statistics, in this column we intend, in complete freedom and with a touch of irony, to enrich the personas we will outline with precise olfactory notes complemented by strong emotional connotations.
Each of them brings along a personal story made up of emotions, dreams and aspirations, small rituals and habits, which make them “human” and immediately comparable to individuals we see in the real world.
Each story evokes different olfactory worlds, and the intent is to stimulate suggestions and inspirations for all the creators of products with a high olfactory impact.
A café des artistes that Moellhausen opens to all professionals within the world of fragrances. So as to creatively interpret different “olfactory pictures” and, by infusing the right scent, enhance the colorful world of personas we live in.




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