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The Chemistry Of Emotions

The Chemistry Of Emotions

12 February 2018 by Moellhausen

Moellhausen has received awards and acknowledgements for its video manifesto that, in only a few seconds, elucidates the relationship between fragrances and the soul of the world.

The past year has been characterized by satisfactions and important successes. Over 2017, Moellhausen has experienced tremendous growth in terms of commercial results, technological resources, and professional talent, and has also made great strides in actualizing its best self-expression through communication.

This is not a “self-celebration”, but rather an objective victory. Moellhausen has won four different international awards for “The Chemistry of Emotions”, the video manifesto that, in only a few seconds, elucidates the relationship between Moellhausen fragrances and the soul of the world.


- WINNER | AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at BEST SHORTS Competition, La Jolla, CA, USA (2017)

- WINNER | BEST INDIE COMMERCIAL at IRISH International Film Festival, Gorey, Ireland (2017)

- SILVER | BEST COMMERCIAL at BELIFF 2017 International Film Festival, London, UK (2017)

- OFFICIAL SELECTION at COLORTAPE International Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia (2017)


“The Chemistry of Emotions” is an exaltation of life —a tribute to the world’s perfumes and emotional flavors, its colors, its full-speed rhythms, and its unforgettable moments that illuminate the absolute perfection of our existence.

The video was made in 2017 by Carlo De Agostini, a 37-year-old art director and filmmaker from Valtellina, Italy. Carlo has vast experience with direction and visual communication design, and possesses strong expertise in video commercials and branding.

The accolades for “The Chemistry of Emotions” are an important victory for the whole company, and particularly a celebration of the creativity and dedication of the Marketing & Communication Department, led by Valerio Tateo.

rsz_valeriotateoetcarlodeagostini.pngValerio Tateo (Marketing Manager, Moellhausen) and Carlo De Agostini (Creative Director, Watermelon)

Starting from its title “The Chemistry of Emotions”, which is also the pay-off of the Company, this short film was completely conceived within Moellhausen with the aim of enhancing its success and encapsulating its essence: an Italian industrial reality known and recognized worldwide for its mastery of combining the most advanced technologies with an avant-garde creative spirit.

The video is simple and has immediate impact. In just over 30 seconds, it conveys the vital importance of the sense of smell for our understanding of the world and all of the emotions evoked as we explore.

“Receiving these prizes makes us very proud.” states Anthony Moellhausen (CEO and President), “They are important acknowledgements that reinforce the group spirit within Moellhausen and communicate to our clients and partners about the creative energy that nourishes and fosters our work every day and about the profound values upon which the international success of our Company is based”.

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