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To be a tuberose

To be a tuberose

Is it a flower or is she the Queen of the night?

“And the jessamine faint, and the sweet tuberose,
The sweetest flower for scent that blows” – wrote Percy Bisshe Shelley about tuberose in The sensitive plant poem. But it was maybe Thomas Moore who best described the deepest personality of such a unique flower:
“The tuberose, with her silvery light,
That in the gardens of Malay
Is called the Mistress of the Night,
So like a bride, scented and bright;
She comes out when the sun's away.”
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to The Queen of the Night, the most hypnotic, powerful and – take note – aphrodisiac flower.
First of all, my personal instinct tells me to talk about this flower as ‘she’, not ‘it’. Because it’s clear that we’re dealing with a woman, isn’t it?
May be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into heaven or a hell
She may not be what she may seem
Inside a shell…
So, what is she? What does she smell like? The truth is, tuberose (Polianthes Tuberosa) is quite complex to describe: sweet, feminine, exuberant, exotic, intoxicating and sumptuous. With an almost tangible texture that creates darker, milky-lactonic or greener facets. All these features in just one flower create a unique personality, so it’s quite easy to imagine how carefully tuberose must be handled when developing a fragrance: the sap obtained from the tuberose has such an intense, powerful and almost narcotic scent that can make the perfume incredibly suitable for a great diva, with magnetic power.
Tuberose essential oil is also closely linked to creativity and fantasy. Tuberose is an open invitation to unwind, to recharge our batteries. It is also perfect for giving moments of absolute relaxation to all those who have suffered an emotional trauma, are struggling with a sentimental conflict or with a state of irritability or frustration – so common in these times, you know, ‘cause everybody hurts.
So, in order to answer the question: “Is it a flower or is she the Queen of the night?”, what I actually think is that it may be considered both as the most sumptuous flower and it’s true just the same that she deserves the crown of the Queen of the night. So, feel free to wear it if you want to feel more feminine, daring and bold… Let’s just tell the truth, who doesn’t?



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