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The new BoldBases™ #5: Globally engaged

The new BoldBases™ #5: Globally engaged

27 June 2019

If creativity is the ability to bring together elements around us in useful combinations and recognized as "beautiful", Moellhausen BoldBases™ have it all: a creative expression for creative perfume makers.

Glam and cutting-edge, the new set of BoldBases™ #5 is now ready and raises the bar. Nature and sustainability first.

Original or inspired by nature, with a “narrow olfactory profile” and not more than 8 basic elements, BoldBases™ #5 have been created for preserving the highest biodiversity and for species safeguard, while offering accords that nature can’t make available.

BoldBases™ #5 also mean caregiving, attention, action, enjoy and pleasure:

  • Nectarine B.Base
  • Coffee Bean B.Base
  • Gardenia B.Base
  • Lily Of The Valley B.Base
  • Fir Balsam B.Base
  • Royal Oud B.Base
  • Vegan Beeswax B.Base


Nectarine B.BASE is juicy, young, fun. It’s like biting a rich and tasty peach during summer.  Enriched by the notes of a flowery apricot, it expresses the most spontaneous happiness, enjoying life and freedom, taking chances of youth. Nectarine B.BASE adds a playful side on top of sparkling compositions.

Creamy and sharp at the same time, espresso coffee is nowadays compared to a brief moment of powerful and intimate pleasure. Coffee Bean B.BASE is the glamorous and roasting touch of mellow fragrances. It’s the gourmand sensation of a sweet breakfast making in the morning. 

Delicate, attractive and fascinating. Gardenia is a very feminine and elegant flower, whose scent is jealously kept by Nature, like a secret that cannot be said, but just whispered from one to each other. Gardenia B.BASE expresses the whole richness of the flower, the sensuality of its plump petals and reproduces its inebriating, unique and powerful scent.

A flower of the night, rare and exclusive: Lily Of The Valley B.BASE is a full expression of a lovely and passionate caress. Green, floral and slightly powdery, it represents the mystery of the obscurity and the innocence of tiny musky muguet.

Everlasting and solid, fir tree never loses the strength to shine, green and vividly. Fir Balsam B.BASE is sound and charmingly intense. With its toasted-sugary shades, it immediately recalls happy moments with beloved ones.

Standing, noble, and extremely passionate. Royal Oud B.BASE is the majestic touch within daring Perfumers’ palette. Woody and slightly spicy, the B.BASE adds a powerful veil of darkness into oriental compositions.

The production of beeswax is synonym of labor, working hard and patience. It takes time, and it implies the capability of waiting. It’s the love for your work, for your own commitment. Noble values of noble “workers”, the bees indeed, to be protected and defended. Vegan Beeswax B.BASE becomes the symbol of this safeguard, with its sweet honeyed notes.


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