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The value of a presence: Moellhausen, sponsor of Esxence 2018

The value of a presence: Moellhausen, sponsor of Esxence 2018

05 April 2018

Moellhausen is a sponsor of Esxence, The Scent of Excellence, 10th Edition, an important international event dedicated to artistic perfumery.

The sponsorship

There are many reasons for this sponsorship. Moellhausen shares many goals with this type of event within the fragrance world, where history and tradition meet innovation and research.

For the past decade, Esxence has emphasized the artistic nature of perfumery and the free expression possible through this form of art, which Moellhausen has always fostered to maintain an authentic and meaningful olfactory culture.

Moreover, Esxence transforms Milan into the capital of artistic perfumery for the weekend (April 5th-8th, 2018). Moellhausen is proud to support an event based in this city where the Company was born over 50 years ago.


Olfactory culture and objectivity culture

Scents and flavors are essential elements of humanity. They are precious treasures that Moellhausen protects, shares, and reinvents with boundless enthusiasm.

This important mission is represented by The Chemistry of Emotions payoff, which highlights the philosophy at Moellhausen: the sense of smell is of vital importance for our understanding of the world, and for all emotions evoked as we explore.

Moellhausen encourages a 360-degree olfactory culture, which includes sponsorship of events and fairs, like Esxence 2018.
Then, the Company organizes in-house perfumery trainings and coaching sessions and has internships and job-rotation programs, to attract new talents, to let them develop their key competences and to help them emerging in the world of perfumery. Another great opportunity offered to the talents of the "Accademia" is to access the Creative Lab, where 2700 raw materials are available for artistic experimentations. 
Moellhausen also opens the doors of its HQ and Leading Facility to host thematic meetings for clients, friends, collaborators, and VIPs from the world of culture, art and economy. For example, the first edition of 21st Century Perfumery Avant-Gardes, held in November 2017 (video).

Importantly, Moellhausen works to spread an "objectivity culture" regarding fragrances and F&F materials, clarifying crucial aspects of complex topics and opening new perspectives through engaging contents for industry marketers, perfumers and buyers.


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