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Perth. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

Perth. Personas into a world of unique fragrances

18 August 2023

This time the victory is a worldwide one.
Women’s soccer, top level, on all national TVs.


No longer just the parish youth club’s courtyards, no longer a glory in the rear, behind the splendor of the major teams. The male teams.

And she smiles as she folds the team t-shirt, the bathrobe, the socks freshly laundered. And she puts them in the bag.
Training is sweat and toil, but also the pleasure of opening the bag and removing the soccer cleats and uniform to place them carefully in the field locker.

Her locker.

Her name on the plate and a scent filtering from the small grid of the door, the fragrance she has chosen for herself, a little spicy and vaguely bitter.

Being on the field means expressing herself, her strength, her grit.

Running on the field is the joy of playing with her teammates, the air ruffling her hair and the pungent smell of trampled grass.
Every step, every pass, every kick reflect her temperament.

Her personality is in all her gestures, and her actions are instantly recognizable. They bear her signature.

That’s her, a person, an athlete, a pro, focused on her own result and the one of her teammates, indifferent to the temptation of affirming the feminine versus the masculine.

Free, fast, winning.



Olfactory suggestions by Anna Chiara Di Trolio, perfumer


A round femininity knows how to combine sensitivity and intelligence in full motion.
The fatigue of training and the joy of seeing your body express itself to the fullest of its capabilities during the competition: this too is freedom. A freedom scenting of wind, of freshly cut grass and wet soil, where spicy notes of cumin ‒ recalling the intensity of effort and the sweat of physical activity ‒ mix with those of a white and technological locker room. In such a place, the fragrance of a bubble bath with notes of pine and eucalyptus are scratched by a bitter touch of grapefruit and juniper. The post-match means also clean clothes and an enveloping bathrobe, a delicate laundry with an aldehyde perfume of aquatic flowers and lily of the valley, in which there is no shortage of fresh and salty notes.
The fragrance, like sport, moves ancestral perceptions that can teach us to better comprehend who we are and to always improve ourselves.






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