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Short biography Dominique Moellhausen

“Perfumery is the most abstract form of art, where the artist who creates a fragrance, does so by using the palette which enshrines own feelings and images.”

Raised in an open and multicultural international environment, Dominique Moellhausen experienced the fascinating variety of fragrances and she developed a unique sensitivity for all the ethnicities and cultures of the world.
She was born in Milan on March 9th of 1992, to a Paraguayan mother of Dutch origin and an Italian father of German origin.
Ever since she was a child, Dominique has travelled the world with her father Anthony, the President of the family company, and she has studied and spoken four languages: Italian and Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.
After specializing in modern languages at high school, she lived in London and Paris to study International Affairs and Business. Once she graduated, Dominique decided to consolidate her perfumery vocation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the prestigious international perfumery school.
Altogether, Dominique followed a consistent study path for a young woman with inherent artistic talents and grown up in the Moellhausen family, which operates in the flavor and fragrance industry since 1967.
Today, she is Perfumer and R&D Vice Director at Moellhausen.
It is her belief that perfume is a global communication code, capable of speaking different languages depending on the nose smelling it, of triggering emotions which change depending on personal experiences.
A sensibility that Dominique developed thanks also to her “free spirit” years between Paris and London, to her travels and her lively curiosity. She carries out these explorations by daily immersing herself in novelty and diversity, driven by the desire to better and better know tastes, fashions, habits and culinary preferences of the various cultures and ethnicities.
To Dominique Moellhausen everything can be a source of inspiration: a person, a dish, a landscape, a single ingredient, and even so an adjective, a book, a story.

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