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Short biography Francesca Faruolo

Francesca Faruolo is the artistic director of Smell – Festival dell'Olfatto, event that she created in 2010 with the aim of promoting olfactory culture and the art of perfume. Smell Festival takes place every year in Bologna in cooperation with local institutions, Museums and a private sponsors. The cooperation with Moellhausen, in particular, started in 2018, when they designed and promoted together Smell Experience: New research and frontiers within that year edition of Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto.
In the last ten years Francesca Faruolo conceived and organized hundreds of conferences, exhibitions, performances, workshops and masterclasses. She involved international researchers, artists, authors, fragrance creators and experts contributing to the general understanding of the olfactory universe and language.
In 2011 Francesca Faruolo founded “Smell Atelier”, an educational institute (now based in Verona) with the purpose of enhancing people's personal skills through olfactory education activities and perfumery courses. In this context, she leads olfactory training classes and teaches perfume history and aesthetics, mixing classical knowledge with a personal research on ancient Italian perfumery.
As artistic director of the perfume house Autentica di Felsina, in 2017 she contributed to the relaunch of an historical fragrance born in Bologna in 1827, starting from the recovering of its original formula.
Francesca Faruolo's articles on olfactory culture and education has been published in several Italian magazines and, as an expert in this field, she has been interviewed by tv, newspapers, magazines and radio.
In 2017 she has been invited to hold a TEDX talk in front of 1.000 people, in the magnificent location of Teatro Comunale di Bologna. The title of her speech was “Smell: the sense of future”.
Institutions, museums, companies and agencies often ask her advise and collaboration for events, services and storytelling projects that include scent and perfume experience.


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