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Short biography Michelle Moellhausen

“The scents and flavours, once embedded in my memory, develop into continuous links. A search for adjectives describing a sensory experience, which is also a metaphor – a story – creation.”
Her multicultural roots make Michelle Moellhausen herself a precious blend of essences. She was born in Milan on May 5th of 1989, to a Paraguayan mother of Dutch origin and a father of German origin.
Growing up between Paraguay and Italy, she accomplished a broad multidisciplinary educational path that enabled her to consolidate a cultural and experiential substratum on which Michelle keeps cultivating a free and conscious vision, open to dialogue and to new perspectives.
Since childhood, she has spoken and studied four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian, the language of her birth country. After specializing in scientific subjects at high school, she graduated cum laude in International Business and Management at the Boston University. Michelle rounded up her education by attending the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the prestigious international perfumery school.
A harmonious and natural study path for a young woman of the Moellhausen family, which holds over 50 years of tradition in the flavour and fragrance industry.
Michelle joined the family company in 2012, and today she manages the delicate and complex role of R&D Director, mainly focused on the development of fragrances and advanced ingredients for “modern” perfumers requiring special technical and creative features.
Based on her skills, she has been welcomed as a Member of the “Société Francaise des Parfumeurs” and the WFFC (Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce Inc.). Michelle's career is also shaped by the unique experiences that she shares with her father Anthony, travelling together around the world to visit plantations, small and large manufacturers of essential oils and other vegetable derivatives, various kinds of industries, and to attend international congresses on flavors and fragrances.
The vitality of her relentless commitment to evolution and discovery are those of a young professional who loves to learn and understand – from yoga to multi-ethnic cuisine, from modern art to architecture, and with a particularly alert eye to fashion and cosmetics trends.

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